Unlimited Keys and Coins for Subway Surfers
Unlimited Keys and Coins for Subway Surfers

Unlimited Keys and Coins for Subway Surfers– Subway Surfers has been around for quite a while now, and it’s proven to be one of the most enjoyed game. The game which is designed as an endless running game where you try not be caught by the subway inspector and in the course of running, you dodge hurdles and trains so that you don’t bump into them. Subway Surfers are available for Android, iOS, and windows phone. Among the elements that get you to enjoy this fun game is earning coins and getting keys. Yes! Lots and lots of them, because you will be able to unlock features and gadgets that will boost your performance in the game. Thus, this article is centered on giving you the needed information on how to get Unlimited Keys and Coins in Subway Surfers.


To enjoy subway suffers to its maximum satisfaction, you will need to have unlimited Keys and Coins. The coins let you purchase other items such as Jet pack Super Sneaker among others while Key lets you continue the game when you bump into a hurdle or train. There are various ways of getting coins either you earn them while running or you find other means especially using cheat codes or cracks to get them.

  • Unlimited Keys and Coins for Subway Surfers

Getting Unlimited Keys and Coins for Subway Surfers can either be easy or tough; however, it is not impossible to get. You can get from a friend or alternatively, you can surf the net for sites that provide you with cheats or hacks that can help you achieve that. This article is one of them too.

  1. Download Mod APK

If you want to enjoy unlimited key and coins, downloading a Subway Surfer Mod APK application. This so far is the major way of getting Unlimited Key and Coins for Subway Surfers. You can download a Mod APK of subway surfers to get Unlimited Keys and Coins. With this, you don’t need to worry about purchasing keys and coins because it comes already with unlimited keys and coins. You can google Subway Surfers Mod APK, and you will get plenty of options to choose from.

You can visit the website below to download a Subway Surfers Mod APK with Unlimited Keys and Coins.

Once you opt to download a Subway Surfers Mod APK, here are some of the freebies you will enjoy

  1. It comes in the latest version.
  2. You will enjoy an amazing and high-quality vivid HD graphics which can be enjoyed across all devices.
  3. Enjoy adventure to whole new different Iceland tour.
  4. There are hidden eggs which you can find while playing
  5. Light swap acrobatics which is a good response while playing.
  6. Connect with friends and other players through a social media account.
  7. Participate in weekly hunt prized which also boost your keys and coins
  8. Importantly, you will be accessible to all items which are made available to you when you download the Mod APK
  • APK File Information

Files size               –        81.6MB

Latest Version      –        v1.104.0

Operating System –        Android 4.1 and above, iOS

Developer             –        Kiloo

  • How to Install Mod APK

APK files for Android are mostly installed manually. Should in case you do not know how to that, you can follow the step below.

Step 1: uninstall the current version of subway surfer on your mobile device

Step 2: click on any of the links above to download the Mod APK of subway surfers

Step 3: once the download is complete, open file manager, locate the download folder and navigate to the downloaded file.

Step 4: click on the download file and click install (make sure you have enabled “unknown source” option from android settings) and wait for the installation to complete.

Step 5: once the installation is complete, you’ll find it on the home screen of your phone, open the game and start playing. You are free to enjoy unlimited Keys and Coins.

Note: it is important to say this, that there are many websites that offer links to download Subway surfer APKs but most are old versions.

  • Get the Unlimited Coin and Key Prank

You can also download the unlimited coin, and the key prank is one of the best guides that helps you get Unlimited Keys and Coins for Subway Surfers. This app incorporates an unlimited coins subway natator Cheats that lets you generate coins. The app features include:

  • Tutorial / Guide for beginners
  • Booster Guide for items (Jet Packs, Coins keys Magnets, Multipliers, Super Sneakers, etc.)
  • Tips Get additional Coins, Cash, & Lives!
  • Provide you with Strategy Guides, Game Info commonly asked queries and More and lots more

You can download the unlimited coin and key prank software from https://unlimited-coins-keys-prank.soft112.com/download.html

  • Use the Subway Surfers Online Generator

Oh yes! You can’t go wrong with this. The subway surfers online generator lets you hack your account and also generate unlimited coins as much as you want. The fun part is, it is not a difficult task at all. All you need do is to

Step 1: go the link: http://surfers.mobile-cheats.net/

Step 2: enter your username and select the platform (Android, iOS, or your facebook).

Step 3: click on connect to load your account

Step 4: click on the number of coins and keys you want

Step 5: click on “Hack your game.”

Step 6: Once it loads, you need to verify if you are human.

Step 7: Click on verify, you will be asked to download and install one application and run it for 30 seconds to unlock the content.

Once that is done, you can go back and launch Subway surfers, and you will see the keys and coins reflecting in your game.

  • How to Play Subway Surfers

Out of the thousands of games available for mobile devices, Subway Surfers has earned its place among the favorites. The game is popular that millions of mobile users couldn’t resist the fun it offers. For those that are yet to enjoy the thrill of this game, try and download it and I bet you will be glad you did! The game, as mentioned earlier, is an endless running game developed by kiloo. Importantly, you need to grab gold coin as you run to escape the subway inspector and dodge obstacles. However, there is

Swipe Up to Jump Up: This is an important technique that lets you jump over obstacles (hurdles) and collect coins in the air as well. Your jump is boosted with a “super sneaker powerup.”

Swipe Down to Roll: this move lets you do one thing, and that is, to roll to get under low obstacles.

Swipe Left and Right to Switch Lanes: you want to switch from one lane to another so that you won’t bump into any obstacle like train, wall, hurdles, and others.

Get a Hoover board: Double-Tap the Screen to Hop your Hover Board: you will activate the hoover board once you double tap your screen. The hoover board allows you to collect more coins and will protect you when you bump into an obstacle.

Collect Powerups: There are four power-ups that boost your playing time:

Jetpack: jetpacks let you temporarily fly up and collect coins in the sky for a limited period. The fun part is, there are no obstacles up there, and this means you wouldn’t bump into any obstacle during this time.

Super Sneakers: super sneakers increase and boost your speed and power up your jumps as you jump very high.

Coin Magnet: coin magnet allows you to attract coins around without directly picking it up.

Multiplier (2x): just like the name, double your scores

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Conclusion on Unlimited Keys and Coins for Subway Surfers- Unlimited Coin Hack

Thanks to the flexibility that gives room for customization on Android OS, making it possible to hack games, including Subway Surfers. Subway Surfer is an interesting game that you’ll never want to stop playing especially bumping into obstacles and been caught by the subway inspector. Having Unlimited Keys and Coins for Subways Surfers will let you purchase all the needed items that you need and also unlock other players of your choice as well as other locations too. Using any of the options to get the unlimited keys and coins is up to you, so don’t waste time any longer and boost your subway surfer progress.

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